Homemade blackheads removal mask

Blackheads are a symptom of acne, a skin condition in which the pores of the skin become blocked. Those are only little visible spots on the skin. As these pimple like spots do not have any over them.Sometime it becomes a challenge to remove black heads. Many of young people experience in blackheads that makes them less confident. Blackheads are the result of oily skin and blocked pores. You can easily get rid of blackheads by making magical masks using ingredients from your kitchen.

Mask 1:

Amond powder         1tsp
Honey                        1/2tsp
Milk (Fresh)              2 tsp

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.Now it will be become a paste.Apply the paste on face with the help of brush or finger.Leave it until it go dry. Do this trice a week.This mask is also good for acne and pimples.

Mask 2:

Baking powder        1tsp
Milk                         2tsp

Mix baking powder and milk together in a bowl .Apply on face with cotton boll--let sit for 5 minutes. then rinse with Luke water.

Mask 3:

Lemon Juice    1tsp
Baking Soda    1/2 tsp
One Banana peel
Mix baking soda and lemon juice together put it on banana peel and now rub it on effected part for 5 minutes.

Mask 4:

Egg white part

This is the easiest mask of all .It not only removes black heads but also make your skin tight. Apply egg's white part on effected area.Now put cotton ball on it and let it dry.Then gently remove cotton. For better results do it right after taking bath.
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