Tips to get rid of wrinkles

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Applying makeup is not a permanent solution to make yourself look younger. You have to take a step forward to solve this issue.Let us start with the easiest one.Smile is the best part to deal with wrinkles. When a person smiles his muscles activated and it works more efficiently then an anti aging cream.
Combating the aging process should start even before the first fine lines or age spots appear on your skin. You can look younger even without an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon. Here are some tips to look younger naturally.
  • A well-toned body and a lovely flawless skin can erase several years from your appearance So start moisturizing your skin with olive oil.You may also use olive oil in food.
  • Use half teaspoon honey with some drops of lemon juice and apply daily wash face after 10 mints.
  • Breathe deeply and try to make your self relaxed
  • Always use mineral makeup.Do not take facial or any other skin treatment before two weeks.
  • Do proper exercises.I will recommend yoga
  • Use green vegetables and red meat in food. 
  • Take massage before taking bath.
  • Use mud mask.If  not available use egg white part and let it dry.
  • Take yogurt and apply on effected area.
  • Apply tomato paste and let it dry and then wash the applied area.
  • Use cornflour with milk and apply it for 10 mints. 
  • Choose your nights and take rose water with glycerine and apply after face wash.
  • If your skin type is not oily then take fresh milk cream and apply it for an hour daily for 7 days.
  • Sleep well.
  • Use Alvera .It may be strange for many people but if any one eats aloevera for a month it shows clear results 
  • Eat more fruits having vitamin C 

Best of luck

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