Homemade Whitening Night Cream

What you need?

Almond -                        8 to 10
Curd -                             1/2 cup
Turmeric powder -      1tbs
Sandal powder -          1tbs
Vitamin E capsules -   2

How to make?

Soak almond at night and grind them after peeling of in the it will take the shape of a paste .now add the curd ,turmeric powder ,sandal powder and vitamin E capsules in it.Your whitening cream is ready.Keep it in fridge and use it within a week.After a week it will be expired. 

How to apply?

At night wash face with any face wash which suits your skin now apply cream on face and sleep without removing it.It is also good for Wrinkles treatment,Allergic skin and skin Tightening. 
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