Lice are really a big issue and almost every person goes through this awful experience .It mostly targets school going children and becomes a challenge for their mothers. Here i"m going to share some remedies with hope that it will reveal this problem.


 beetroot leaves 1/4 kg

water 2 litter

What to do next?

Add leaves into water leave for two hours.Now boil water for half an hour on normal flame.Now strain leaves.After using this water for two to three times you can get rid of lice.


Oil    any

lice comb 

anti lice shampoo

What to do next?

Massage oil gently now start combing with lice comb after that wash your hair with any anti lice shampoo.


basil       handful leaves

neem         "

water       two liter

What to do next?

boil basil and neem leaves.Strain it after it cools down.Use the water twice a week .It will not only give you relief from lice but also good for dandruff.


vinegar 2 table spoon 

lemon 1 tbsp

water   half glass

What to do next?

Add all the ingredients and apply on effected area leave for 10 minutes. wash hair with lukewarm water.

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